Wood Decking and Weather

If you live in Virginia, you may have noticed we got some rain this year.  A lot of rain.  If you have wood decking, the effects of all that rain may show up in the form of mildew, moss, and even some rot.  While wood decks are the cheapest to install, they definitely require a lot of maintenance, whether you are protecting them from wet weather, snow, or baking heat.

Once your wood decking starts to rot, splits and splinters can create safety hazards, which is definitely not an enjoyable aspect of owning a deck.  Decks By DAK is a Platinum Trex Dealer specializing in Trex Composite Decks.  After 30 years of experience, we know how important it is to invest in the best building materials for the life of your deck.  Trex Decks are easy to maintain and keep the beauty of wood without the damage from the weather.

Would you prefer to spend your leisure time enjoying your deck, or maintaining your deck?  Learn how to love your deck again.  Now is a great time to schedule an estimate and start enjoying the outdoors in total comfort. 

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