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A New Year- Time For a New Deck!

As we begin the new year with the holidays behind us, this is the perfect time to start planning that new deck, sunroom, or patio you have been dreaming of.  Yes, it’s frigid outside, but spring will be here in just a couple of months.

If you have been thinking about replacing your old, worn down deck or starting a brand new addition to your outdoor living space, now is a great time to contact Decks By DAK to start the ball rolling with your free estimate.  Decks By DAK is a Class A contractor with 29 years of experience in building high-quality decks, sunrooms, patios, and other outdoor living spaces in Central Virginia.  We are also a Trex Deck Premier Partner.

Trex Decks are environmentally friendly, low maintenance and come in wide array of colors for years of hassle-free quality you can be proud of.  Decks By DAK can also build you a high-grade quality wood deck if you prefer.  Learn more about our products and our happy customers here.

Don’t wait until spring when you might have to wait in line to start your project- call us at 434-591-6003 or send a request for an estimate today to schedule your FREE estimate.  Make your new deck your New Year’s resolution!

Happy New Year From Decks By Dak!

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